Hany Farid

Albert Bradley 1915 Third Century Professor of Computer Science
Chair of Computer Science

Personal Website
Sudikoff 159
HB 6211
Cognitive Science
Computer Science
B.S. University of Rochester
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania
Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT

Selected Publications

H. Farid. Photo Forensics, MIT Press, 2016.

S. Pittala, E. Whiting, and H. Farid. A 3-D Stability Analysis of Lee Harvey Oswald in the Backyard Photo. Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law, 10(3): 87-98, 2015. 

E. Kee, J. O’Brien, and H. Farid. Exposing Photo Manipulation from Shading and Shadows. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 33(5):165:1-165:21, 2014.

V. Conotter, E. Bodnari, G. Boato, and H. Farid. Physiologically-based Detection of Computer Generated Faces in Video. International Conference on Image Processing, Paris, France, 2014.

H. Farid and M.J. Bravo. Perceptual Discrimination of Computer Generated and Photographic Faces. Digital Investigation, 8:226-235, 2012.

E. Kee and H. Farid. A Perceptual Metric for Photo Retouching. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108(50):19907-19912, 2011.

H. Farid. The Lee Harvey Oswald Backyard Photos: Real or Fake? Perception , 38(11):1731-1734, 2009.

H. Farid. A Survey of Image Forgery Detection. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine , 26(2):16-25, 2009.