Paul J. Whalen

Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

352 Moore Hall
HB 6207
B.A. Stonehill College
Ph.D. University of Vermont

Selected publications

Taylor, J M, and P J Whalen, "Fearful, but not angry, expressions diffuse attention to peripheral targets in an attentional blink paradigm," Emotion (in press).

Whalen, P J, M J Kim, M Neta, and F C Davis, "Emotion" (pp. 422-439). In:Handbook of Psychology (2nd Ed.). New York: Wiley (2013).

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Works in progress

“Human Amygdala Responsivity to Fearful Eye-whites”

“Cingulo-amygdala Interactions in Surprise and Extinction: Interpreting Associative Ambiguity”

“Development of a Human Social Conditioning Paradigm”

“Differential Reported Experience with Facial Expression of Emotion”