Alumni Stories: Allie Miller '10

"My CogSci major (and multi-year independent study) is how I got where I am today. Today, I am the US Head of AI Growth for Startups and Venture Capital at Amazon. Prior to that, I was Lead Product Manager at IBM Watson. And about two days ago, I was named AI Innovator of the Year by AI Summit and Forbes.

When I was in the program, it was 7 students and I don't recall the term "artificial intelligence" or "Machine Learning" being used. I've chatted with a few 2020s from the program, and it sounds like it's a total 180. CogSci allowed me to get deep on the technical side of things and non-technical. How to observe rational decision making, logical thought, behavioral psychology, and linguistic and sociological pressures on our world. That major was a blessing. Thank you especially to my advisors Prof Chitoran and Pulju!"