Alumni Stories: Zach Supalla '07

"After leaving Dartmouth, I joined McKinsey & Company as a management consultant for three years, after which I attended Kellogg School of Management and received an MBA, as well as an MEM in Design and Innovation.

After leaving graduate school, I started my own business – a technology company called Particle that provides a software and hardware platform for manufacturing companies to build Internet of Things products (i.e. internet-connected appliances, manufacturing equipment, sensors, vehicles, etc.). To date, the company has raised ~$40M from investors, and has about 100 employees.

During my senior year of college, I became very interested in product design. The field of product design has been strongly influenced by the field of cognitive science, as the modern practice of designing products requires understanding how your customer/user thinks about your product in order to provide a user experience that is intuitive and solves the user's problems. In every part of my job – whether speaking to potential investors, developing new product initiatives, coming up with marketing campaigns, or engaging with a potential customer – I find that the things that I learned in college about how the mind works are incredibly useful."