How to file a major

Students prior to the class of 2020 and plan on doing the old major: fill out this PDF iconmajor worksheet.pdf

Class of 2020 and beyond and those prior to 2020 planning on doing the new major plan: fill out this File2020 cogs major worksheet.docx

To do this you will have to have an idea of what kind of area focus you want to pursue.

Next, e-mail a faculty member in the Cognitive Science program to further develop your major plan. Choose a member whose work is in line with your interests and who can serve as your advisor. Before meeting with your advisor, make sure you have filled out the major worksheet as best you can. Set up a meeting at which you will revise and complete the worksheet.

Once you have completed a major plan and have the approval of your advisor, fill in the major plan in DartWorks. Please cut and paste the information from the worksheet onto the prerequisite or the culminating experience txt box in Dartworks.  We need to see the names of each course and the rationale for your focus area.  

Then submit the electronic version of the major plan with advisor’s signature to the Department Chair (Adina Roskies) for Steering Committee approval.

Note: your major is NOT officially declared or filed until reviewed and approved by the steering committee of Cognitive Science.

You can find information about major requirements on this website link.