Neukom Funding Opportunitie for Faculty 2019

Dear Colleagues,

With a new academic year upon us, I wanted to remind you of Neukom Institute opportunities and events for your faculty and students and also to ask for a small favor. First the opportunities:

Neukom Funding Opportunities:

(1) The CompX Faculty Program: Once again we will be looking for proposals as part of our "CompX" program that provides seed funding (up to 40k) for innovative work with a computational component. The deadline is January 15, 2019, details of the application process can be found here . Also, at the bottom of the page you can find previously funded projects by year. As you will see they range across the Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and the Medical School.

(2) Special Projects: From time to time, faculty come to Neukom with various computational needs and or small-scale projects. We welcome such "off-cycle" inquiries and look forward to more. See for examples. Neukom Scholars and Travel Grants are another kind of “small project”. Neukom provides support in various ways for undergraduates working on computational projects. Neukom Scholars are working on research projects and Travel Grants enable undergraduates and grad students to attend meetings to present their (computational) work.

(3) Workshops/Working Groups/Conferences: The Neukom Institute has been able to support (either wholly or in partnership with other entities around campus) various collective activities focused on computational themes. We continue to welcome inquiries and proposals for these kinds of events. The larger, more formal workshop guidelines can be found here: An example of a recent Neukom supported workshop - 2018 CNN Summer Workshop:

The Working Group opportunity is a good way to bring in small groups of collaborators working toward a goal such as a group initiative like a proposal or book. More details to apply here: An example of a Neukom supported working group is:

(4) The Neukom Fellows Program: The Neukom Fellows Program brings to campus early-career interdisciplinary postdoctoral researchers whose work has a computational theme. These are two-year positions with the caveat the NFs need to have two mentors on campus from different departments and need a departmental home. Our most recent group of fellows coming to Dartmouth are More details on the fellowship and application process can be found at

 Applications to this CFP are already coming in – the deadline is November 15, 2018 – but we also encourage you to get the word out to your networks and even to solicit individual applications from young scholars already familiar to you.

We have a favor to ask: Neukom Fellows can be part of any department on campus. We would very much appreciate it if your department could provide a link to the Neukom Fellows opportunity on your departmental homepage. Perhaps the following text would be a useful accompaniment:  "The Neukom Fellows program is an interdisciplinary postdoctoral program at Dartmouth that may provide another means of working with or being mentored by faculty in our department. Please see the position announcement at

Finally, the Neukom institute is always looking for new ways to broaden our reach of support, please feel free to contact me with thoughts and ideas.

So, if you've read this far, thanks for that and thanks for forwarding the opportunities listed above to your faculty. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions and suggestions about the NI's work and opportunities.

With warm regards,


Dan Rockmore

Associate Dean for the Sciences

Director, Neukom Institute for Computational Science

William H. Neukom 1964 Professor Computational Science

Dartmouth College