The Philosophy Science Podcast - Adina Roskies talks about Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

On Episode 25, Nick Zautra (host) talks with Adina Roskies about her life-changing undergraduate experience (filled with pedagogical nightmares) at Yale, graduate study and postdoctoral work in neuroscience and cognitive science, returning to complete a PhD in philosophy at MIT, philosophy of neuroimaging, and the political and policy implications of not understanding how science works.

SCI PHI is a weekly philosophy of science podcast featuring interviews with prominent and up-and-coming philosophers of science who engage with scientists in interesting ways.

SCI PHI interviews focus on the origin stories of how people found their way into philosophy of science, how they became successful, what current projects they are excited about, and anything else they would like to discuss; for example, the state of the field, major problems in the sciences and in philosophy, and the future of philosophy of science.

SCI PHI is hosted and produced by Nick Zautra, a Joint Ph.D. student in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science and Cognitive Science Program at Indiana University Bloomington.