Brian Fiala

Research Associate

Please see Dr. Fiala for major advising Office Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 2:30-3:30 PM and by appointment

Reed Hall 207
HB 6220
B.A. Arizona State University
Ph.D. University of Arizona
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Washington University in St. Louis

Selected publications

N. Ballantyne, B. Fiala, and T. Horgan. “The Soritical Centipede.” Forthcoming in Noûs.

B. Fiala, A. Arico, and S. Nichols.  2014.  “You, Robot.”  In E. Machery ed., Current Controversies in Experimental Philosophy. Routledge.

B. Fiala, A. Arico, and S. Nichols.  2011.  “The Psychological Origins of Dualism.”  In E. Slingerland & M. Collard eds.Creating Consilience: Integrating Science and the Humanities.  Oxford University Press.  Reprinted in J. Knobe & S. Nichols eds. Experimental Philosophy Volume 2.  2014. Oxford University Press.

B. Fiala and S. Nichols.  2009.  “Confabulation, Confidence, and Introspection.”  Behavioral and Brain Sciences 32: 144-145.

A. Arico, B. Fiala, S. Nichols, and R. Goldberg.  2011.  “The Folk Psychology of Consciousness.”  Mind and Language 26(3): 327-352.

Works in progress

“Debunking Belief in an ‘Explanatory Gap’ for Consciousness”

“Minds, Swarms, and Programs: Explaining Our Blindness to Intelligent Collectives”

“Measuring Consciousness: Lessons from the History of Thermometry”

“How (and Why) We Underestimated Plant Intelligence”