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  • Welcome Jonathan Phillips!

    Welcome our new faculty Jonathan Phillips, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Yale University., He will be co-teaching COGS 01 spring 2019.

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  • Welcome Brian Fiala!

    Brian Fiala, Research Associate Arizona State University, Washington University in St. Louis, Please see Brian for any major advising questions. His office is in Reed Hall 207.

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  • Welcome Class of 2022!

    Cognitive science is the study of cognition from an interdisciplinary perspective. The core component disciplines of cognitive science are philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, and computer science.

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Recent Publications

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  • Optimal trajectories for planar rigid bodies with switching costs. International Journal of Robotics Research (2015)

    Devin J. Balkcom, Yu-Han Lyu

  • Cognitive styles, cortical stimulation, and the conversion hypothesis

    David Kraemer, Hamilton, R.H., Messing, S.B., DeSantis, J., Thompson-Schill, S.L.

    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8:1-9 (2014)

  • Contribution of the restroplenial cortex to temporal discrimination learning. Hippocampus (2015) 25, 137-141.

    David J. Bucci, T.P. Todd, H.C. Meyer

  • High-for-Low and Low-for-High: Efficient Boundary Detection from Deep Object Features and its Applications to High-Level Vision

    Lorenzo Torresani, G. Bertasius, J. Shi

    In IEEE International Conference On Computer Vision, ICCV, 2015


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